• Patented Multi-Factor Authentication Technology

    It has taken us 9 years but we have finally secured patent, in all major territories, for our Multi-Factor Authentication process. Now, we can take it to market.

    Used for many years in our sister companies, app&pin™ hits a new sweet spot for authenticating online transactions.

    app&pin™, for iOS and Android, will soon be available for commercial implementations, it is easy to integrate, provides increased security together with an excellent user experience.

  • Easy Integration

    Our flexible software and web service API's allow you to use your branding and integrate app&pin™ simply to your existing user management systems i.e Web applications, VPN authentication, Active Directory (and more to come).

  • Increased Security

    Designed to be impenetrable for everyday use, it provides additional security above dated two factor authentication solutions.

  • Excellent User Experience

    When prompted, an app&pin™ user only has to enter their PIN into a clean and simple App on the mobile device; our technology brings together the multiple factors required to make each transaction secure. Additionally, users can easily identify and report attempted security breaches; protecting themselves, helping you and ensuring they have no loss of service.

    The new website is being developed by Think and will be live in October. If you cannot wait until then register your interest below and we will get back to your.